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S01E00 – Doughnuts and Apples

Welcome to the pilot episode of Hotspur Way!

Stuts does his best to annoy all other Tottenham Hotspur podcasters, and the lads discuss what they’re going to be covering on the Hotspur Way podcast. Stuts also attempts to speak Greek.

The aim is for our podcasts to get better from this point on…

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Hotspur Way

If you love Spurs, then you're going to love this awesome new Tottenham Hotspur podcast, brought to you by the Hotspur Way team.

Jaymes, Stuts and a guest or two, cover the latest game, and look forward to the upcoming game. If there's any gossip, or if a journalist has annoyed the lads, you'll hear about it. The gang also read out listeners' questions, so if you want your question answered, send the lads your question here.

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