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Hotspur Way


The Hotspur Way is the first Cyprus-based Tottenham Hotspur podcast, and will see lifelong Spurs fans, Jaymes & Stuts sat around their brand-spanking new mic, giving us their views on the game they’ve just watched, as well as any other hot gossip surrounding our club.

What can you expect from Hotspur Way? The guys will be recording and airing each show the day after Spurs play. You can expect the shows to be lighthearted and fun, although don’t be surprised if you get a rant from Stuts every now and then.

The first mini-show is being recorded on Sunday, 1st October 2017, with the first full-length show set to air after we stuff Bournemouth at Wembley on Saturday, 14th October 2017.

The guys are looking to bring on a guest too, so if you’re in Nicosia, Cyprus and a want to get onto the show, drop Jaymes & Stuts an email at pod@hotspurway.com.


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